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Bulk SMS services help you spread your message to a selective audience at a very minimal cost. In comparison to all the other marketing services, sending bulk SMS to your clients is a very cost-effective method of spreading your brand awareness at a minimal level of risk.

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Bulk SMS Price in India

QuantityRateTotalGst (18%)Grand TotalAction
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Features of Bulk SMS Services India


Fast Delivery

Our direct partnership with telecom operators ensures that SMSs do not take more than 120 secs to reach your end customers.


Failover Handling

With a strong backup facility, you can automatically resend failed messages to the target audience.


Managed Support

Our technical support is available 24/7, so you can get any technical issues resolved within a few minutes.


Real-Time Reports

By using our bulk sms software, you can check the delivery status of each message sent and measure and optimize your sms campaign for improved performance in the future.


Admin Panel

Get a user-friendly admin panel to manage all your tasks (pre-scheduling messages, managing contact list, tracking records, etc) from one place.


White Labeling

Want to start your own business? Subscribe to our White label Reseller bulk sms services which will enable you to run business under your own brand name.


SMPP Solution

SMPP stands for short message peer-to -peer where text messages are sent by SMPP protocol, an industrial protocol that is reliable and gives fast delivery service for SMS messages involving large business organizations where large capacity is required.


Reseller Solution

Our Reseller option lets customers use their own brand name to further resell SMS credits to individuals as well as businesses.


Regional Language

Now language is no more a barrier. Send text in any regional language like Tamil, Gujarati, hindi, marathi, etc that your target audience understands better.

What are Bulk SMS Services?

Bulk SMS Services refers to the service using which you can communicate with a large volume of audience in one go. By simply importing all your contacts to the software, you can customize the message according to your business requirement and shoot it to the targeted audiences all across India. This process hardly requires a few minutes to educate your customers about the products and services you offer. The only thing your end customers need is a mobile phone. Since it is the most economical method to reach mass audiences, it drives best ROI for all size businesses.


Transactional Bulk SMS Services

Transactional Bulk SMSs are non-marketing messages whose primary motive is to remind customers about their due dates, delivery updates, booking confirmation, payment made, etc. For sending such SMSs, an individual/business requires 6-digit SENDER-ID (eg. SMSDSH). With Transactional SMSs, you are not required to filter DND and non-DND numbers. This service works with both the numbers. Timing is not a concern as an individual/business can send transactional messages 24/7.


Promotional Bulk SMS Services

Promotional Bulk SMSs are used to promote the brand name and advertise the product and services in order to generate sales. Such SMSs don't carry any transactional information therefore they can be sent to only non-DND numbers. The information carried by promotional SMSs include discount codes, coupons, invitations, etc. When it comes to timing, marketing messages can be sent between 9 am to 9 pm only.

Benefits of SMS Bulk Services


Target Specific Audience

Send messages to the only people who are interested in receiving the information provided by you. This saves your time, money and resources and generates high ROI for your purpose.


Provides Speed to your marketing

According to a study, an average person checks his/her mobile every 100 times a day. Therefore once you shoot your message, your target audience will interact with your information as soon as possible.


Economical Rates

No marketing service can be as economical as Bulk SMS service is. It charges only a few paise per SMS to reach your target.


High Conversion Rate

The average conversion rate of SMS is 200% i.e., much higher than other marketing channels. Opting for Bulk SMS services will save you huge costs on advertising and marketing.


Personalization and Customization

Greeting clients with their names gives more impact. Bulk SMS services enable you to personalize/customize messages according to your customers’ choices and preferences.

Aajogo - The Best Bulk SMS Services provider in India

Aajogo is the Top Bulk SMS Services provider in India that offers easy to use Bulk SMS software to send messages in a fraction of seconds. No matter what the size of your target audience, our software can send millions of messages in just one go. We use the latest technology to make your work as effective and efficient as possible. In case a client faces any issue using our software, he/she is free to contact our support team 24/7.

Our SMS interface is user-friendly thus doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate. We at Aajogo help customers to grow their business in the shortest time possible.


Why do Businesses use Cheap Bulk SMS Services in India?


Send Reminders

Due to a fast lifestyle, people interact with only content that is more handy. Therefore, sending reminders via SMS works better than any other source.

Boost Sales

Startups and new businesses can market their products and services via bulk SMSs to increase sales and reduce marketing costs.

Safety Check(Password Confirmation)

OTP Verifications and payment confirmation messages sent via sms reduces the chance of any uncertainty. Our Bulk SMS services in India provide high security checks and ensure the safety of millions of users.

Sending Notifications

When your phone gets a new SMS, your hand reaches for it immediately to see what it is about. Bulk SMS Marketing services are therefore ideal for sending notifications to your customers.

Branding and Advertising

Make best use of the cheapest means of marketing solution to get millions of attention to your brand name and advertise your product and services.

Keep Customers up to Date

Your customers will feel important when you send them useful information on time to keep them updated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can send SMS in any regional language. Our admin panel consists of a regional language SMS option which enables you to segregate mobile numbers on the basis of state so that you can communicate with clients in their own language.

In order to avoid SMS spam via various marketing firms, TRAI (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India) has made it mandatory to get DLT registration.

No, Our services are not available outside India.

Not at all. Once you buy SMS credits, it's all upon you, how many and a few messages you want to send in a day.

Since transactional messages could be sent to both DND and Non-DND numbers, you are not required to filter DND numbers. However, in the case of promotional messages, the software itself filters DND numbers, so you can send messages to Non-DND activated numbers without any chaos.