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With the era of digital marketing, there are a lot of changes being made in the field of promotion and advertisement. Business is fully dependent on the basis of promotion and advertisement of the company. Therefore, Voice Call Services feature is playing a vital role in promotion, marketing, and advertisement strategies. It instantly improves your business.

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Voice Call Price in India

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Features of Voice Call Marketing


Send calls in multi-language

Since India is a multilingual country, your customers will feel more privileged if you communicate with them in their own language.


Text to voice converter

Save your time and efforts by simply converting your text into voice message and sending it to a mass audience.


Rich & Easy to use Control Panel

Our easy to use control panel doesn’t require any operator to process the calls. A layman could do all tasks and automate calls without any hassle.


DND and Non-DND Filtered Gateways

The best feature of bulk voice services is that it automatically filters DND and Non-DND numbers. If your message is transactional, it will be sent to both DND and Non-DND numbers. However, If your message is promotional, it will be sent to only non-DND numbers.


Voice calls scheduled for a specific date and time

Right message sent at the wrong time could invert your whole marketing strategy. However, Date and time play a very important role in engaging your customers with your content.


Delivery Timing: 9am - 9pm for promotional calls

If you are making a promotional call, the timing between 9am-9pm is the best. People do not interact with promotional content after 9 pm.


Delivery Timing: 24 hours for transactional calls

Transactional calls could be made at any time since they offer only the information expected by people.

What are Voice Call Services?

Voice Call Services refers to the pre-recorded voice messages that businesses use to create awareness, market products and services and generate leads. These voice messages can be customized or say personalized according to customers’ preferences and interests. Whether you record the human voice or convert the text to voice, both methods work best. When it comes to delivery, it hardly takes a few seconds to reach the masses. Businesses can use bulk voice call services regardless of mobile phone and cellular network usage. Real-time tracking messages sent makes a huge difference in marketing strategy.


Transactional Voice Call Services

Transactional voice calls are not used for promoting or marketing any products and services. The primary goal of using such calls is to inform customers about their service agreements renewal, issue payment and past-due bill reminders, send appointment confirmations, etc. The best advantage of using such calls is that you can send transactional messages to your clients 24/7.


Promotional Voice Call Services

When your voice call contains promotional information like brand launch, brand awareness, sales discounts and offers, after sales follow up, etc, it is called promotional voice call services. But these messages could be sent only between 9am-9pm.

Benefits of using Voice Call Services in India


Spread the word

Run various Voice campaigns to spread words to the large masses and communicate consistently with your target audience.


Pull Customers

Personalized offers like promo codes, discounts, etc. attract customers to visit your business again and again.


Capture information

The DTMF feature of Bulk voice call services automates all the process which in return helps you gather customer feedback easily.


Reach new heights

Maximum reach with minimum cost gives your business new heights.


Boost Productivity

Automate voice calls to eliminate human intervention. Minimum interference boosts productivity and maximizes ROI.


Real-time report

Track the real-time report of voice campaigns to determine how your audience is responding.

Aajogo - The Best Bulk Voice Call Service Provider in India

Aajogo is one of the top bulk voice call service providers in India. The system we use to send voice messages is fully automated and hence does not require any operator or dialer to process the calls. All you need to do is import your contact list to our software, pre-record your voice message and press the play button. Once you press the play button, your recipients on the other side will start receiving your voice messages. The best advantage of using Voice call services is that messages can be sent to both mobile phones and landline phones. If you target a particular state in India, e.g. Rajasthan, you can easily translate your message into the Rajasthani language. The usage of regional language, auto-redialing of unsuccessful calls, uploading customized auto clips are a few of the best features of our voice call services.

Aajogo offers affordable voice call marketing services to all sizes of businesses. Connect with us and explore our more features to build a strong brand image in the market.


Why Should Businesses Use Cheap Voice Call Services in India?

Client Surveys

Use voice calls to survey customers. It is the most economical and easy to use platform to manage and reach large audiences at once.

Lead Generation

Generate leads via sending voice messages to your potential clients/customers. Voice calls in your customer’s language create a better image.

Send Wishes

No matter what the occasion, connect with customers on their special day and build long-term relationships.


Send customers pre-recorded voice messages to remind them about important events.


Want to run a campaign to raise funds? Support your cause by delivering a clear and concise message through voice calls.


Easily record voice messages to give confirmation for delivery status/ product order/ meeting schedules, etc.

Latest Deals/Offers

Offer latest deals/offers via personalized voice messages to connect with your customers and reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our system supports 26 regional languages of India.

There is absolutely no difference in our rates for STD as well as

Yes, You can pre-schedule calls for both landline numbers as well as mobile numbers. The only condition is that the number you enter is 10 digits.

Yes, we provide one year validity only.

No, Our services are not available outside India.