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If you believe your customer base includes all the Android users and the iOS users, you must go hire a Hybrid Application Development service provider.

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Hybrid App Development

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Hybrid App Development

React Native Development

One of the fastest mobile app frameworks for hybrid applications is the React Native Framework. Our team expertises in using this significant hybrid mobile app framework. Take your business to new heights with Hybrid Applications from Aajogo.

Hybrid App Development

Flutter App Development

Flutter SDK is a complete development tools’ kit that allows the user to build a single codebase. It is one of the most renowned SDKs in hybrid application development. Our team at Daksh comprises experts who deliver cross-platform high performing apps for your business.

Hybrid App Development

Custom Hybrid App Development

Our team at Daksh engineers ideal hybrid applications from scratch. We are equally expert in revamping your current mobile application to make it competent for your rivalries. From consultation to planning and development to after sales support,we are there for you, always!

Hybrid App Development

UI/UX Design Services

Our designing philosophy blends custom app design, company recognition, with a consistent look and feel. While using your Hybrid Application, the user must feel connected. Our expert UI/UX designing team creates that connection.

Hybrid App Development

Application Testing & QA

An Hybrid Application must run smoothly on both, android and iOS systems. To make sure, our quality expert team relentlessly tests the app on different devices. No wonder we deliver a flawless application that escalates your business growth.

Hybrid App Development

Maintenance & Support

We believe in ensuring optimal performance of your app. With our complete support and maintenance services we ensure your app performs flawless, even during the peak hours. We are at your service throughout, right from developing to maintaining it from time to time.

Why Choose Hybrid Apps?

Hybrid apps are the latest trend. Why? They are the most compatible ones. Made in such a way that they can work on multiple devices, Hybrid Apps are the ones that can expand your reach. Targeting almost every customer out there, you are sure to reach the maximum number of people with just one app.

Hybrid apps provide a unique avenue for businesses looking for an app that works on multiple devices in order to expand their operations. These apps let you engage with customers no matter on what platform they are present. Be it Android, iPhone or others, hybrid apps work on all.

Hybrid apps, when done well, are almost impossible to differentiate from native mobile applications - they’re still found in app stores and they still download and install to a device. Whether you want an app to engage, be a game, or take photos, hybrid apps offer tons of great options for businesses to make the leap to the mobile app world.

When it comes to building a hybrid app, the code is written in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, rather than being developed for Android or iOS. When it comes to the use of the app, however, a well-written hybrid app should offer the same easy-to-use experience that native apps can offer.

Hybrid App Development

Benefits of Hybrid App Development for Your Business

  • Affordable and hassle-free development
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Reach Wider Market
  • Shorter Development Timeframe
  • Enhanced UX/UI
  • Native experience combined with a simple backend
Hybrid App Development

Aajogo: The Best Hybrid App Development Company in India

If you are creative enough to think of a business idea, then we are here to design your idea and convert it into a dynamic application. If your local market knows your business then the world should also know about your creativeness. Our experts keenly listen to your suggestions and implement them while developing the application to bring out the desired output.

A hybrid application is developed using a single code stack that can function on multiple operating systems. Once you are confirmed about your targeted audience, we are confirmed about developing the correct form of applications for your business. With an experience of more than a decade in developing dynamic applications we have excelled in creating hybrid applications.

Hybrid App Development

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some latest and highly efficient tools like MDM (mobile device management), encryption, remote wipe etc are used carefully to keep a check on the data security. Besides, all the latest security extensions provided by Apple and Google are deliberately incorporated. This helps us to ensure data security for the iOS and the android versions of the app.

Of course yes! That is one of the most important reasons why a hybrid app is one of the most preferred. A hybrid app consists of all the features of iOS and Android hardwares.

Incorporated with almost all the features of an iOS and android softwares, hybrid apps save upto 30% of cost when compared to other apps. The overall cost of an app depends on several factors including the features, number of platforms etc.

Yes, we do provide after-sales service depending on the issue or addition.

No company can define an exact time within which their team can develop a hybrid mobile app. Moreover, the time frame depends on the budget, features, functionality and design.